Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring will check the availability of your mobile Application or web application or webshop.
During down time or application unavailability nobody can order services, order Goods at your webshop.

Application Monitoring is each year after 2010 more important for your webshop or Mobile App.

If you invest over 10.000 euro in your webshop, please add another 1000 euro for application monitoring to see if your webshop, webapplication or mobile web app is up during 24 hours, 7 days and 52 weeks.

Due to maintenance and Priority 1 incidents and other failure or malfunction the application of your company will not work, and will some of your visitors or customers loose or exit to another webshop or website.

What are the (financial) consequences when your App or website is down , website is offline, website is not working properly, your webshop has a problem, Your customers can not pay in your webshop.

In weekdays you will see this within several hours.
This because you see new purchases from customers, or question by chat or phone or email.

During nights or in weekends you will notice website problems of app incidents many hours (too) late and many visitors notice these problems, of customers can not buy your products.

How much will website incidents cost you ?

Application monitoring will reduce the time of the website down time, and will let you solve the problems much quicker.

Application monitoring is very important in our 24x7 economy with many always open websites en 24 hour open webshops. These websites can not allow any downtime, because this will cause less income and revenue.

You can check your own website of webshop several moments a day by hand.
Automaticaly testing of a flow in a website or purchase in a webshop is better to check if your webshop is working allright.

a flow in a website is a process which is representative for customers.

Log in is a well known flow.

Select, Buy a product and checkout and pay.